Product Trends: Noteworthy Kickstarter Products That Might Start A Trend

It is not a secret Kickstarter products have the ability to cause a worldwide trend. Fidget spinners really were not a thing until the “fidget cube” was launched on Kickstarter, raising a whopping $6,450,690 more than the initially needed $15,000. The interesting thing here is that, even though the cube is pretty cool, other small […]

“Wheelmageddon”: Will scooter-sharing be the next big thing?

Electric scooters are a trend, as we mentioned before. But now, scooters are a bit too much of a trend in San Francisco, where people are calling for regulation. Why? Because sharing-services like Bird are flooding the streets with their scooters, and people are getting scared of being overrun. Or, as Vanity Fair calls it: […]

Is Spotify working on its first hardware device?

Is Spotify working on its first hardware device? Sources at The Verge claim they’ve seen ads for the device in February, showing the car device to some of Spotify’s users. With an upcoming Spotify-event and recent IPO, this could be an unexpected move by Spotify. IPO = News coming? Earlier, Spotify announced they would be […]

Baidu’s AI-powered Raven R aims to rival Amazon Echo and Google Home

Chinese tech giant Baidu’s latest bet on industry of things (IoT) is a result of its aim to give users a ‘sci-fi’ experience. In what can be seen as an attempt to rival the Amazon Echo and Google Home, the Chinese multi-billion dollar company, Baidu, has unveiled its latest set of AI hardware: a home […]

‘Brain Food’, IQ Bar promise to go hand in hand with specialty diets

In this world of rush, consumers are always on the lookout for the spot where refreshments are up and ready to be available the moment one steps in. Picking up a few chocolate bars over a traditional meal might not seem to be the right idea for most of us, but it surely does come […]

Bitcoin,Litecoin,Ripple: first-ever study sheds new light on cryptocurrency’s volatility

A new study from the universities of Dublin and Chelmsford (UK) examined the return and volatility transmission across three cryptocurrencies,- Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and gold, bond, equities and the global volatility index (VIX). According to the study from Shaen Corbet, Andrew Meegan, Charles Larkin, Brian Lucey and Larisa Yarovaya this is the first study that […]

Report reveals how e-commerce brands can improve their mobile checkout experience

Despite our ever-approaching transition to a cashless world and more consumers than ever who want to pay for online goods using their mobile phones, brands are still coming up short when it comes to mastering the mobile payment experience. Brands are stuck deploying solutions that might have satisfied yesterday’s shoppers, but in our current culture […]

Top 5 iPhone 8 and iPhone X camera gimbals to stabilize your shaky videos

The iPhone X dropped last week to scores of salivating consumers and, with its release, came a faster, f2.4 aperture telephoto lens and dual optical image stabilization that is drawing favorable video comparisons to footage shot on professional mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic GH5. On top of those features, the iPhone X, as well as […]

Technology Trends Changing eCommerce in 2018

I still remember my first computer. I’d wait patiently and eagerly for my big, bulky desktop to connect to the internet while hearing it dialing up. It’s incredible to think that technology has advanced so rapidly that kids these days don’t even know about dial-ups or bulky computers. It’s also amazing to think how much […]