Retail & E-commerce Trends: 7 startups to watch in 2018

With ideas and innovations that mark them apart, these 7 startup companies have proved that they are here to stay and ready to rule. What these startups have in common is an understanding of people’s needs and the will to provide them with solutions. In the recently held WIRED Retail conference, these rising stars of e-commerce gave a glimpse of their vision while talking about the innovative ideas that led them to start their business.



The about us page of the Wonder platform proudly states: “We are a team of geeks who enjoy sharing knowledge with the wider community”. In this rapidly paced world, Wonder is an attempt to bring the latest innovations within the reach of general public and making them more affordable. The creators of Wonder platform believe that scientific progress should be within the grasp of all and not just a few. Wonder enables its customers to get innovative products on lease for few days at a time.



Start Shopping, No Queuing! Scan, Pay and Leave! That’s the MishiPay slogan. The whole idea of MishiPay came out of the utter hate for Queuing. While the global retail sector loses an estimated $200 billion per year due to queuing, the story of how MishiPay came to being is quite interesting. According to the official story, the whole idea occurred when the co-founder and CEO of MishiPay, Mustafa Khanwala, had to wait for 20 minutes at a supermarket just to buy a can of soda. Mishipay is a mobile self-checkout technology that is theft proof and allows its shoppers to just scan, pay and leave.



Boldmind is a strategic venture which aims to tailor strategies for organizations through their apps that are designed for the real world. Intelligent data that are generated by connected IoT devices can be unlocked using Boldmind apps. According to the company’s CEO and co-founder, Dagmara Lacka, Boldmind apps can help retailers connect to a wider customer base and lure them to visit and enhance sales through smart content distribution.


The face of the retail industry is changing at a fast pace and e-commerce is turning out to be the bright star on the horizon. Even then, the fact of the matter is that more than 85% of all retail sales are still claimed by physical stores. Localisto is an attempt to help physical retail businesses increase customer footfall by integrating online and offline marketing. With megabrands like Starbucks, O2, and Morrisons amongst its users, the marketing platform has been working with restaurants, hotels, and retailers ever since its inception in 2011.



Buzzstreets is an attempt to help people find Airports, Shopping malls and Hospitals by offering door to door navigation system. What the GPS does in the outer word, Buzzstreets does exactly the same thing indoors. Visiting a particular store inside a supermarket can be done easily by using the Buzzstreets app. CEO of Buzzstreets, João Fernandes, says that this app can take a person from home to office through the streets and back, or right into a particular section of a hospital or a store inside a mall. Buzzstreets offers both outdoor and indoor navigation services.



Stowga is the world’s only e-commerce marketplace for warehouses. The startup came up as an answer to the problem that warehouses have been facing ever since. The problem is ‘empty space’, and in order to address the problem, Stowga provides an on-demand service to help retailers measure their logistic needs in tune with their business needs. Apart from being a boon for warehouse businesses, Stowga also serves as an immense help to retailers who can store their goods in the right warehouse by using the platform. Stowga came up as the winner of the Startup Showcase.



Brewgooder is a craft beer company that is on a philanthropic move. Its mission is to provide 1 million people with fresh drinking water. The company donates all of its profits to various projects that are aimed at providing people with clean water. The company has already catered to the water needs of 38000 people. In an official statement, Brewgooder’s Zoe Cuthbert said that most people like to drink beer, and the aim of his company is to use it for the betterment of the downtrodden.

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