Thinking of Starting a Clothing Brand? Here’s 7 Take-Aways for Successful Brand Building (with examples)

Here are seven take-aways for successful brand building, inspired by some of the rising fashion brands featured on Harper’s Bazaar.

  1. Find Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    Take a leaf out of FFORME’s book. This brand, launched by industry veterans Paul Helbers, Laura Vazquez, and tech entrepreneur Nina Khosla, is not just about fashion, but foundations. Their architecture-inspired label celebrates the female form with a capsule wardrobe of modular layering pieces. What’s your brand’s USP?
  2. Tell Your Story
    Edvin Thompson, the New York-based designer behind Theophilio, uses his runway to tell personal stories. His collections are a vibrant homage to his cultural heritage, featuring elements reminiscent of Caribbean festivals. What’s the story behind your brand?
  3. Embrace Sustainability
    Conner Ives, a London-based American designer, takes a slower approach to fashion, working almost exclusively with deadstock fabric and upcycled vintage clothing. Sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity in today’s fashion industry. How will your brand contribute to a more sustainable future?
  4. Incorporate Your Heritage
    Sukeina, a brand by designer Omar Salam, uses intricate West African braiding techniques in their New York-made pieces. Salam’s personal history and heritage are a significant source of inspiration for his designs. How can your heritage influence your brand?
  5. Innovation is Key
    Dauphinette designer Olivia Cheng is an expert at turning unconventional materials into truly surreal articles of clothing. Her garments are couture-like in their intricacy and often feature found objects quilted into clear sheets of recycled PVC. How can your brand push the boundaries of conventional fashion?
  6. Celebrate Diversity
    Priya Ahluwalia, a London-based designer, incorporates elements of her Indian and Nigerian heritage into her designs through beading, embroidery, and bright colors. Her brand, Ahluwalia, is part of a new wave of female designers changing menswear as we know it. How will your brand celebrate and embrace diversity?
  7. Stay True to Your Vision
    Palmier designer Ling Arnold doesn’t do pants. After a decade in finance, she made a career change and started a brand that focuses on skirts and dresses in delicate fabrics. Her vision is clear and uncompromising. What’s your vision for your brand?

Starting a clothing brand is a journey filled with creativity, challenges, and immense satisfaction. Remember, every successful brand started with an idea and a passion. So, if you’re thinking of starting a clothing brand, take these lessons to heart, and let your creativity shine.

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