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NicheHunt Offers Marketing News For Online Entrepreneurs & Niche Marketers

Niche Hunt is a news publication covering marketing, brand management and consumer product trends. In the sea of marketing blogs and websites, we stand out by providing actionable information that is backed by science and objective research. NicheHunt offers up-to-date insights for startups, small business owners, SME’s, niche marketers, and e-commerce professionals.

Topics Covered By NicheHunt

  • Breaking news on marketing related trends and industry changes. We help you stay up to date.
  • Research-backed information on best practices for online entrepreneurs and marketers. We base our articles on credible resources including academic studies, quality publications, and research from leaders in the marketing profession.
  • Consumer product trends that showcase products that sell well on Amazon and other prominent e-commerce platforms. We take this a step further and report on emerging trends so your niche is always fresh.
  • Best practices in managing your ecommerce niche brand. We honor your busy schedule by providing practical takeaways based on scientific and trustworthy sources. We don’t waste your time with get rich quick schemes and superficial tutorials.

NicheHunt’s Mission

NicheHunt aims to:

  • Provide the most accurate news and trend analysis on marketing, ecommerce, branding, and consumer products.
  • Educate niche marketers on evidence-based best practices within the industry.
  • Inspire the entrepreneurial spirit and empower marketers to enter trending niche markets.

Media & Partners

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Journalists & Contributors

Alexander van Swinderen
Alexander is an innovation guru, podcast addict and tech-enthusiast.

Djordi Johan
Marketing enthusiast, crypto hodler and always on the hunt for a niche.

Pete Gabriel
Journalist and tech writer Pete loves gadgets.

Mantas Malukas
Mantas is an entrepreneur, journalist & professional marketer. As an entrepreneur his main focus is in the development of high level concepts mainly in the editorial news projects, journalism and digital content marketing. For the several last years he was investing his passions into cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital communication forms.

Christopher Thomas Williams
Staff writer

Christopher Thomas Williams is a British writer and language educator working at a university in South Korea, one of the hotspots of the global cryptocurrency boom.
His background includes a BA in English with Film from King’s College London and a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. He has previously worked at universities in Japan and the Netherlands.
Christopher has more than ten years’ experience writing on a wide range of topics. He has a strong interest in cryptocurrency and the development of blockchain technology, with his writing now focusing on exciting new projects and trends within the cryptocurrency space.

Tom Joseph Law
B2B marketing writer/blogger & content strategist

Tom Joseph Law is a freelance B2B marketing writer/blogger & content strategist. When he’s not creating data-driven content, he’s chasing waves or trying to touch his toes in yoga class.

Harry Suresh
Staff writer
Harry is an experienced and skilled business copywriter with a solid journalistic background. Over the past two years he has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes on a huge variety of projects. More recently he has specialised in online content, including social media and marketing.