Product Trends: Noteworthy Kickstarter Products That Might Start A Trend

It is not a secret Kickstarter products have the ability to cause a worldwide trend. Fidget spinners really were not a thing until the “fidget cube” was launched on Kickstarter, raising a whopping $6,450,690 more than the initially needed $15,000.
The interesting thing here is that, even though the cube is pretty cool, other small not-so-cool-fidgety-devices were able to ride the same wave, making some good money for those who were able to get in at the perfect time. In this piece, I have hand-picked 4 items on Kickstarter that might just start a trend. Get that surfboard ready!

EverCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery Life

EverCam is something we have all dreamt of: A wirefree security cam with a 365-day battery life. According to EverCam, their partnership with Anker has made it possible to build a product that can run for a year without recharging (how ‘bout putting one of those in my iPhone, Anker?).
That’s not all – the EverCam specs are quite impressing. It uses facial recognition to determine whether it should send an alarm signal or not. This requires the registration of faces, which I am not a big fan of, but as privacy is important to EverCam, all data is encrypted 100%. Luckily birds and dogs are automatically filtered out of the system with A.I., because getting your dog to sit in front of a camera might be a hassle.
Besides being smart, the camera also provides high quality video with an angle of 140 degrees, at a cheaper price than Nest, and a lot more options – but you can just check out the product page for that.

Setting shop for wireless security cameras might be a good idea if you want to be ahead of the outbreak, given the trend data.

The EverCam will start shipping September 2018 after raising $890,986 instead of the asked for $50,000. This will disrupt the market.

ShieldX – The Coolest Way to Carry Your Keys

If you are a bit like me, you probably have a hard time fitting your keys in your pocket. And ShieldX should be able to fix this problem. The pretty bad-ass designed key holder fits up to 10 keys and makes you look like a superhero with its carbon fiber casing. That’s not all though, it’s also a can opener, screwdriver, staple remover and can be attached to your car key.
The only thing missing from this key holder is a chip that makes it possible to find it on your phone.

Even though key holders sound a bit boring, volume is steadily increasing when it comes to interest in such a device. The domain is still available, if you’re interested in exploiting this trend.

The ShieldX is still in funding period, but has already raised $52,070 instead of the $4,000 needed.

Mark One: A Minimal, Durable, Retractable Pen.

A pen? Yes, a pen. The Mark One is pretty much a pen like we all know – but better. With its ceramic coating and minimalistic design, it looks like an amazing product to own. I want one. And since it’s refillable, you don’t have to throw it out. And that’s exactly why it’s interesting.
The Mark One stands for something else than just being able to write on a piece of paper: there is a need of high quality products that are easily accessible. Millenials are done with low quality, mass produced items that are shipped in millions from China. Durability, quality and design are more important than ever, even for commodity products like pens. Imagine being able to provide every startup in the world with a welcome-package for new employees, with a Mark One pen in it. And maybe a high quality notebook that looks well next to a Macbook mini. There’s money to be made.

Not convinced? The Mark One raised €133,718 instead of the initial €24,226 and is already backed up by over 2300 people.

Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

A similar product to a pen, although it being more advanced, is this Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster. It would seem that coffee roasters had their best time, with the rise of Nespresso and other automated coffee machines.
But people love authenticity, and it shows in the popularity of the coffee roaster. And it’s one hell of a coffee roaster. It lets you “.. custom roast fresh beans, explore new flavors, save money, and reduce waste”, but most of all – it looks really well designed. It is not just a hipster product, it’s a product that is gaining popularity again as Google trends shows:

Kelvin has already raised $356,541, with a goal of $40,000 and over 1500 backers and will start shipping in February 2019.

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