Is Spotify working on its first hardware device?

Is Spotify working on its first hardware device? Sources at The Verge claim they’ve seen ads for the device in February, showing the car device to some of Spotify’s users. With an upcoming Spotify-event and recent IPO, this could be an unexpected move by Spotify.

IPO = News coming?

Earlier, Spotify announced they would be sharing news at their upcoming event on the 24th of April. Spotify successfully launched their IPO, a “.. smooth debut that could pave the way for other companies”, according to Reuters.

Even though there was no reason to believe the news event had something to do with the introduction of a car device, evidence now suggests they will. Several Spotify-app users have seen different ads, announcing the device. It comes with a subscription, costing between $13 and $15 dollar a month.

The device

The music device can be attached anywhere in the car, showing what’s on your current playlist and what’s playing. It’s possible the device will have Alexa voice-control, as Spotify has already announced in-car support for the new Cadillacs, using Alexa as control center. Having Alexa in the new device would bring a simplified version of voice-control to many. A smart move for Spotify, introducing a new way to users to listen to their music, joining the internet of things product trend.


A Reddit user took screenshots of the advertisement, showing the device and subscription plans: at $12.99 a month, users would get Spotify and the device included in the monthly fee.

Spotify has yet to comment, but for now claims it was nothing special, and that they’re “.. always testing things in order to improve Spotify”, when confronted with the ads.

We’re looking forward.

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