Swiss watchmaker Omega enters e-commerce space

Omega has announced the official launch of its first ever online sales platform. Exclusively for customers in the United States, the brand’s famous collections can now be purchased directly through the company’s website.

Driven by the value of traditions, a majority of Swiss watchmakers have remained aloof from e-commerce, which has become an essential space of online retail industry. Many of the original Swiss watch manufacturers are yet to have an official online store.

All prodigious Swiss brands maintain solid infrastructure, with showrooms and brand outlets (jewelry stores) across all major cities around the world. A notable part of their trade comes from in-store distribution channels.

However, in this rapidly changing world of retail, keeping distance from e-commerce cannot be deemed as a viable option any longer. Omega just announced its entry into the e-commerce space showcasing its chic and snazzy online platform.

Omega is a major Swiss Watchmaker, the authorized dealers are literally jewelry stores where its products are displayed with great pageantry. Founded in 1848, this fabled watchmaker has adorned the wrist of countless famous Hollywood actors, sport stars and international celebrities. Actor George Colony, astronaut  Dr. Buzz Aldrin, fashion model Cindy Crawford, actress Nicole Kidman, golfer Greg Norman, swimmer Michael Phelps, astronaut Eugene A. Cernan and , of course, James Bond himself – actor Daniel Craig, all of them have been brand ambassadors for Omega.

The arrival of e-commerce is an important moment for OMEGA. Until now, customers relied only on location-based boutiques when buying straight from the brand. Now, customers in the United States will be able to browse and buy from wherever they are connected.

While picking up a duty-free model of Omega through the traditional distribution channels might seem as the right decision for many, the convenience and brand security that an online platform offers is desired by most of its customers. The new Omega’s e-commerce store might just be the reason for rejoicing to many of the famous Swiss brand’s enthusiasts, especially those yearning for the models bedazzled with gemstones. The main reason why so many luxury watch enthusiasts are so excited, is that Omega’s online presence will put an end to the price manipulation by jewellery online stores, that very often magnifies the actual price to a great extent.

While Omega has nothing to do with this malpractice, it leaves a huge chunk of the profit for the owner of an online jewellery shop, and this ‘chunk’ actually comes at the expense of the customer.

For an industry that survived the world wars and the advance of quartz technology, the step taken by Omega, forecasts an era of change in the history of the great Swiss watch manufacturers. It can safely be said to be a step in the right direction.

“OMEGA will continue to develop its global network of boutiques, which are still considered to be an important part of the shopping experience. However, the rollout of e-commerce will add yet another dimension which fulfils the needs of consumers,” the company says in its statement.

Although the United States has been chosen as the launch market for OMEGA’s online sales, the brand expects that more countries will follow in the near future.

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