Effectively Branding in the Age of Social Media Influencers

Many brands find navigating the influencer marketing landscape to be relatively difficult due to the novelty of this new marketing concept. As a result, we discuss three most fundamental techniques and strategies for effective branding on various social media platforms.

1. Metrics and data

Social media influencer landscape seems like the Wilde West of marketing. Nobody is exactly certain where this relatively new marketing trend is going. Various marketing platforms and agencies are claiming to be an influencer marketing experts, that are capable to take your brand to the next level. In such an uncharted territory, it is important to stick with quantifiable metrics and data when it comes to making decisions about a solid social media influencer marketing campaign. The ROI of an influencer marketing strategy should always be the primary indicator.

A lot of SMEs and small brands want to skip the basic principles and simply move on with the vanity of shiny numbers of paid influencer traffic. However, research has shown that regardless of what you were told, there is no quick fix to branding or marketing your product, unless you are a large and well-established company willing to shell out a large sum of money to big-name agencies to get it done.

2. Personable experience

Having a brand that is easy to identify with and the one that offers organic connections and personable content is the number one and one of the most fundamental steps in effective branding on social media. Organic is the key. Nowadays consumers are tired of mega corporations and big name businesses pushing their products again and again on Youtube, Facebook, Amazon or other platforms.

Consumers are tired of feeling used or being shamelessly marketed to just for these big brands to reach their bottom lines. A modern consumer wants organic and real connections from personable businesses. Brands that offer organic connections and have a strong presence on the social media tend to perform better, sell more and are way ahead of their competitors.

In the age of social media influencers, it’s crucial that brands are bringing something up through service to their consumer base, because this is one of the main ways that successful businesses are able to achieve exponential growth. Individuals flock to brands which they feel they can gain something from, learn something from and get a product or service that is specifically tailored for them. This expectation can’t be changed by a single tweet or Facebook post from a successful social media influencer.

3. Logo system

Logo is one of the most important elements when it comes to brand recognition. Whether it would be advertised on the billboard in the middle of a city or asking social media influencer to promote your brand, logo is the first thing that consumers will notice.

A video produced by Vox media, “What makes a truly great logo”, explains in detail how a simple mark ends up meaning something big. Furthermore, it suggests that using an unified logo system is the most trendy and universal approach to brand your product or services on multiple social media platfroms.

Trekking through the uncharted territory of social media influencers may feel a bit overwhelming for brands, both new and established alike. It is important to take a look at quantifiable metrics and data in order to make business decisions about your branding. Do your due diligence and research before blindly trusting baseless claims from the endless number of “influencer marketing experts” in your niche.

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