5 Niche Product Packaging Trends to Elevate Your Brand

August 9, 2017 — Packaging is a critical aspect of the marketing offer, with many implications for the multi-sensory customer experience. It can affect attention, comprehension of value, perception of product functionality, and also consumption, with important consequences for consumer experience and response. Thus, while it was once viewed as being useful only for product preservation and logistics, package design has evolved into a key marketing tool.

In the ever competitive retail marketplace, it’s important to get a leg up on the competition; and creative niche product packaging is an effective way to separate your products from the pack.

Here are 5 current trends in product packaging that can help boost your brand:

1. Eco-friendly Product Packaging

As more and more people become eco-conscious every year, it provides brands an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the crowded marketplace by turning aspects of their business eco-friendly. Not only does this build brand reputation, but it also performs a social good.
La Tour Cafe, a Hawaiian fast casual restaurant chain, achieved this goal recently by switching to wheat straw containers — a 100 percent renewable resource — for both dining in and takeout.

Another example of eco-friendly product packaging is Brooklyn-based Neighbors Allied for Good Growth’s Shareware program. The program currently has two partner restaurants that allow customers to opt-in to receiving reusable containers when ordering take out at no extra cost. The customers can then return the containers at their convenience and receive a coupon.

2. Seasonal-themed Product Packaging

People’s moods often change with the season, and taking advantage of this through niche product packaging is a great way to draw eyes to your product. A great example of this comes from Korean beauty brand Etude House who recently added a line of lip tints packaged in popular summer treats like popsicles, ice cream, and fruits.

3. Product Packaging for the Social Media Generation

The most seductive target market for many brands is young adults, but brand marketing towards the younger generations can often feel forced and contrived. Offshoot Beer Co. recently found an excellent way to use niche product packaging to capitalize on Millennials love for photo sharing on social media. The brewer launched a new beer called “Fashionably Late” that featured a pair of sunglasses designed onto the side of the can, letting drinkers hold it up to their face for a photo-op while wearing beer shades.


4. Bring Art to Your Product

A simple and very accessible niche product packaging tactic is to make your products stand out with the help of artists. Temper and Candela both hired creative agencies to design abstract art packaging for their chocolate products.

And LIFEWTR, a premium bottled water brand, features artwork from emerging female artists on their bottles — a great way to build brand awareness by giving oft-overlooked female artists a spotlight.

5. Convenient Product Packaging

It is definitely true that we all live busy lives. So any product packaging that can alleviate stress or inconvenience has a huge advantage over its competitors. One brand that nailed this is Northern California’s Salt Points. The liquor brand launched a pre-mixed Moscow Mule in a can. Instead of consumers having to go out of their way to a bar to drink one, Salt Points brought it to store shelves giving shoppers the ability to drink it on the go.

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