TopVid offers new platform to create Facebook Video Ads with ease

TopVid, a new automated ad builder, offers brands the ability to easily create engaging video ads to promote products or services on social media.

A new ad builder has a variety of pre-built e-commerce, product showcase, mobile app and video text templates allowing users to create video material for marketing campaigns.

“We are building TopVid because we believe that we will see less and less boring static ads. Video ads are already here and we want to allow everybody create highly converting video ads without any production costs or design skills,” says the founder of TopVid,  Alex Flom.

TopVid dashboard

Clearly, TopVid’s slogan “sell more with stunning Facebook Video Ads” has been chosen to target advertisers on the largest social media network. Although automated ad builder by TopVid allows brands and solo entrepreneurs create video and share it on any social media platform or website, Facebook users will be at the forefront to try this new tool.

Engaging video ads are one of the biggest trends on social media, particularly on Facebook, which now has nearly 2 billion users. According to eMarketer, by 2019, the total U.S. digital video advertising spend is projected to eclipse $14 billion.

According to the report from L2, Facebook accounted for over 48 percent of total video views, the highest share among the three major platforms. The same report concluded that brands are upping their video investments on Facebook. Video comprised 21 percent of brand posts in Q1 2017, marking an increase of 6 percentage points from Q1 2016.

A new platform by TopVid is aiming to fill the growing niche of automated video ad-builders.

“We are different from other video creation platforms because we are focusing on video ads and optimize all our templates for highest conversion. We work with ad agencies and optimize each template for highest conversions,” said the founder.

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