• Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures

    Nasdaq Plans To Launch Bitcoin Futures Early 2019

    It has not been a good week – or month – for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With its price plummeting below $4k, many late-investors were left behind with a hangover. But, there’s a slight bit of hope: Despite its plummeting, Nasdaq is still going ahead with preparations to launch Bitcoin futures as early as Q1 […] More


    Heatledger, Finland based blockchain software company has publicly released its on-going partnership with Paytah. Paytah is a Malta based financial services provider operated by Phoenix Payments Ltd. a MFSA licensed payment institution. Paytah’s Monetum project is currently preparing for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). “This launch is a major development in the integration of traditional […] More

  • Instagram Was Down, And The Internet Was There To Respond

    Today, Instagram was down for a period. The cause is still unknown, although we hope it has nothing to do with Facebook’s recent hack. The downtime occured worldwide and included the Instagram.com website, API calls and the platform itself. Downdetector registered over 15.000 down outrages from users all over the world:     Every downside […] More

  • Don’t Call It A Comeback: Frozen Food is Popular Again

    While the demand for frozen foods may have dropped in the last years, it seems as if they’re making an unlikely comeback. For the first time in five years, demand for frozen food is growing. And it’s not only because of millenials. The demand for frozen food slumped for years for a while but now, […] More

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade TO iOS 12 Today

    It’s a happy day! It’s iOS 12 day! And since we’re really happy about it, we’re doing a roundup on the best iOS 12 features that will be available for you today. It’s one of the biggest changes in software since a long time, and has some great new features. These are our favorites: 1. […] More

  • Facebook is Now Testing Augmented Reality Ads in Your Newsfeed

    Facebook has taken advertisements to a whole new level by featuring augmented reality ads in users’ newsfeed. The news is not relatively new per se, as, at the F8 developer conference that took place earlier this year, the company announced that it has started to work with businesses to showcase augmented reality ads. This was […] More

  • How Technology is Improving Patient Outcomes in Healthcare

    This is an interesting moment in healthcare. On the one hand, advances in technology are making new treatments and processes possible. On the other, rising healthcare costs and widespread discontent mean that improvements are essential and overdue. No one questions that healthcare needs to change; and most of us believe that it’s possible to change […] More

  • New AI Model by MIT Detects Depression Through Speech

    In recent news, it was revealed that researchers from MIT have come forth with a brand new AI model, which, they say, can detect indicators of depression or depression on the whole by assessing and listening to the speech of the individuals. Listening? Yes, listening. It may sound a bit weird, especially if you’re familiar […] More

  • Amazon India Launches Website in Hindi – And That’s a Smart Move

    Amazon is making moves. Earlier this week, Amazon was valued at more than one trillion dollars – that’s 13-digits- now, it’s also making ways to take over a new market. With potentially 100 million customers. Yesterday, it was revealed that Amazon India has taken a step ahead off its competition by unveiling its website in […] More

  • The Riskiest Cryptocurrencies to Accept in Your E-Store

    If you’re exploring cryptocurrencies (cryptos) as a means of payment, it’s important to consider the riskiest cryptocurrencies to accept in your e-store. But with speculation being a driving force of crypto value, how can you evaluate the safety of these coins? Finding objectivity in the crypto-world can be difficult. Nearly everyone with something to say […] More

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