Is Instagram’s IGTV going to hurt YouTube?

    Instagram never shies away from taking an idea and making it better. Remember the time when there were no Instagram Stories? You might, because that was a Snapchat feature. Now, Instagram is ready to go toe to toe with YouTube with their new app: IGTV. Yesterday, IGTV was announced during an event in San Francisco. […] More

  • best microphones for podcasting

    The Best Podcasting Microphones For Every Budget (2018)

    We did a deepdive into how to start a podcast recently, as podcasting is getting more and more popular. But just an idea won’t get you anywhere, you’ll need the right tools. And there’s nothing more important in podcasting than making sure your voice is clear and channel out other sounds. In this article, you […] More

  • Google to invest $550 million in Chinese e-com giant JD

    Google will invest over half a billion dollar cash ($550 million) into JD.com, China’s second largest e-commerce player after Alibaba. Google made the announcement today, calling it a ‘strategic partnership’. In return, Google will receive shares at an issue priced of $20.29 per share. With a valuation of 62 billion dollars, Google now holds 1% […] More

  • Fornite on Nintendo Switch

    Popular game Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch

    If you haven’t heard of Fortnite by now, you either have no kids or you’ve been living under a rock. The popular game has grown a user base of 125 million people in just a year, according to developer Epic Games. And it’s now coming to the Nintendo Switch too. At Nintendo Direct, part of […] More

  • Blockchain ‘interesting and promising, but not there yet’ according to Dutch Central Bank

    The Netherlands, a small country known for innovation, has been experimenting with Blockchain technology as addition to the payment system. But, according to them, Blockchain isn’t ready. Yet. Because the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) does acknowledge the promising future of Blockchain technology. The greatest shortcoming of Blockchain for DNB is that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) […] More

  • Microsoft acquires GitHub for $7.5 billion

    Yesterday, Bloomberg already announced Microsoft would acquire code-repository platform GitHub. Today, it’s official, as Microsoft confirms the takeover. The acquisition will close later this year, and GitHub will be led by a new CEO; Nat Friedman. Friedman is an open source veteran, according to Microsoft, and founder of Xamarin. GitHub CEO and Co-Founder Chris Wanstrath […] More

  • “Crypto-rehab” opens doors in UK

    If you’re a bit like me and many other people that are invested in cryptocurrencies, you’ll probably recognize behaviour such as checking the $btc charts first thing in the morning. Although this may seem like it’s nothing to worry about, this behaviour can spiral out of control and can become a serious addiction, similar to […] More

  • Apple’s WWDC 2018 is here, and here’s how to watch it

    Today is the day of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), where Apple usually reveals interesting updates. Don’t expect any new iPhones, Apple usually saves those for later. Instead, the WWDC has a reputation of showing new software updates to existing devices – which is also a clear path of where new devices are heading. WWDC […] More

  • May The Next Web conference be with you

    For an Epic Storytelling Jedi like me, the future’s nothing out of the ordinary. I live in it, you know. That’s why I feel right at home at The Next Web conference at the Westergasterrein, Amsterdam. I’m strolling around this optimistic, inspirational, future-and-technology festival for two days and honestly: the presentation and vibes I got […] More

  • “Buying habits need to change”, Kind Socks is here to stay

    With trends pushing towards sustainable clothing, Kind Socks is making its way into a niche that people tend to forget, but put on every morning: socks. Kind Socks is an organic sock wear brand with one aim: to develop fun and beautiful socks in sustainable materials. Stephen Steele, founder of Kind Socks, started the company […] More

  • 1 in 5 ICOs could be fake, according to The Wall Street Journal study

    If you’re a bit familiar in the cryptocurrency-world, you know it’s not a secret that initial coin offerings (ICOs) sometimes turn out to be a fraud, costing investors a lot of money. But exactly how many ICOs turn out to be a scam stays unclear – they usually disappear, giving not much of a reason. […] More

  • Facebook suspends around 200 suspicious apps of “thousands investigated”

    You might recall the Facebook hearing after the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit. In light of that, Mark Zuckerberg promised Facebook would review all existing apps with access to large amounts of data to see if there was any “suspicious activity”. Well, Facebook just announced they have suspended over 200 apps after investigation of their usage. […] More

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