Twitter removed over 1.2 million accounts linked to terrorism

Twitter removed over 1.2 million accounts linked to terrorism, according to the Dutch newspaper The removed accounts were part of the propaganda machine used by terrorist organisations worldwide. 

The active war on terrorism at Twitter started in 2015, when Twitter decided to keep track of all deleted accounts linked to terrorism. In the second half of 2017, there were about 270.000 accounts removed. The total now ads up to over a million accounts. Twitter claims there are now less notifications of terrorism-accounts due to better monitoring, and better insights in data.

Data driven counter-terrorism

Twitter headoffice

At Nichehunt, we love data. So does Twitter. With their refined algorithm, they have managed to identify and remove over 93% of all accounts linked to terrorism. Predictive modelling even made it possible to delete 75% of all accounts before even posting.

Not only Twitter uses algo’s to determine content is terrorism-related. Facebook claimed (a while ago) they automatically remove 99% of all terrorism-related content.

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