Reddit Gears Up for a Tussle with Social Media Giants with New Chat Function

The Reddit’s Standard Personal Message (PM) system will soon be overhauled by their proposed real-time chat function.

The widely popular internet forum is testing its all-new arsenal and hopes to unleash it upon rival social media giants like Twitter and Facebook.

Named as Reddit Chat, the new service is currently undergoing trial within a selected group of users. According to sources, the site’s developers are working on one-on-one chat right now, and in the near future company is planning to add additional features like group chat.

The current Standard Personal Message (PM) System of Reddit does not allow instantaneous connection amongst individuals and group members. Reddit’s competitors in the market such as Facebook provides its users with chat features, something that Reddit has been lacking ever since. Reddit is hoping that its new chat system will bring it on par with the rival social media giants.

On a closer look at the all-new Reddit Chat, we found that it looks almost identical to the in-browser messenger windows of Facebook. For each conversation that the user takes part in, one could find a tiny box neatly aligned with the screen’s bottom right corner.


According to site administrators, Reddit Chat will replace the Personal Message System, allowing users to send stickers, link posts and swap messages in real time.

Reddit Chat will be no less than a boon for its users and communities as currently they are using chat platforms like Discord and Slack. Reddit’s users are usually orthodox and dedicated. Over the years they have familiarised themselves with the platform in such a way that even the slightest of changes are not appreciated. That’s the reason why the administrators are extra cautious about the new roll-outs that they are planning. A larger site-wide redesign is also on the cards and Reddit plans to implement the changes one-by-one.

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