‘Brain Food’, IQ Bar promise to go hand in hand with specialty diets

In this world of rush, consumers are always on the lookout for the spot where refreshments are up and ready to be available the moment one steps in. Picking up a few chocolate bars over a traditional meal might not seem to be the right idea for most of us, but it surely does come in handy for many.

IQ Bar is the latest entry in the world of Snack Bars and it might just be the right snack for you. Nicknamed as the ‘Brain Food’, IQ bars promise to enhance your focus, memory, motoric speed, brain energy and a lot more.

According to the company, IQ Bars are currently offered in 3 distinctive flavors: Matcha Hazelnut, Blueberry Walnut, and Almond Cacao. They are rich in dietary fiber, which helps in increasing the metabolic rate and have limited amounts of sodium and carbs; hence you can keep your blood sugar from spiking up.

When we looked at the packaging, we’ve found that each bar contains about 190 calories. Out of which 23% comes as total fat, 25% saturated fat, 3% sodium, 7% carbohydrate and a more than modest 48% of dietary fiber.


A closer look at the calorific values will tell you that the fat content is ridiculously high, but it will come as a relief to know that these are healthy fats. Healthy Fats are essentially opposed to the characteristics of ‘empty calories’. In fact, healthy fats are a prime requirement in our daily diet as they provide assistance to various parts of our body. It also ensures proper functioning of our body’s protein content.

So how does the IQ Bar boost up your brain? Vitamin E is the answer. Vitamin E is found in rich amounts in nuts like walnut, hazelnut, almonds etc. It has forever been hailed by nutritional experts as the best protection against oxidative damage caused to the brain by free radicals. It also prolongs the effects of aging. The IQ Bar comes packed with Omega 3 fatty acid, flavonoids, and MCT’s and all of them are considered as boon to boost the brain’s capacity and enhance the overall cognitive health.

Currently, available on Kickstarter, IQ Bar promises to go hand in hand with specialty diets like vegan, low-carb, Kosher, ketogenic, Whole 30 and Paleo.

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