This Amsterdam fashion brand is creating organic clothing out of bamboo

And making it look really good, too.

The time clothing only looks good is over. The time only pandas can use bamboo is also over. Functional fabrics are the future, where clothing can do more than just give you good looks. Nooboo is an Amsterdam based brand specialised in beautiful organic bamboo basics, currently live on Kickstarter.

Organic bamboo clothing? Yes. Bamboo has useful features for the skin as it is antibacterial to reduce smell, thermo-regulating and moisture wicking. Which is also great for sports. It’s a sustainable alternative to cotton and only needs sunlight and rainwater to grow. There’s no use for any pesticides or fertilisers. And, it grows like crazy – up to one meter per day. This makes it one of the most renewable plants out there.

Amar de Winter, Founder of Nooboo, used to work as Retail Development Manager at SPAR International in Amsterdam. Amar enjoyed working in a corporate and travelling the world, but entrepreneurship was always something he wanted to explore. When he moved to Indonesia it felt like the right time. The bamboo clothing brand Nooboo started in Bali. “It gave me a great opportunity to build a strong relationship with the suppliers during the years I was in Indonesia. We worked together as a team and have been able to streamline the process. I was very lucky to find such a great supplier right from the start who speaks good English. Today we are organising everything via Whatsapp which goes super smooth.”

In 2018 his friend Thomas Katz joined Nooboo and helped from Amsterdam while Amar was in Indonesia. Thomas explains: “We want to develop the best possible bamboo basics and therefore only work with suppliers specialised in bamboo clothing. We just started production of a 100% organic bamboo sweater made in Portugal. You will feel the differerence”.

When you try Nooboo T-shirts you will experience the breathing fabric and the mix with organic cotton makes it extra strong to make sure it will last.

The brand is currently live on Kickstarter. Next to the popular bamboo t-shirts, Nooboo is now the first to introduce a luxury 100% organic bamboo sweater and bamboo underwear with activated bamboo charcoal. When the campaign is finished you can choose your size, colour, crew neck or v-neck and if you prefer a Nooboo T-shirt or long sleeve.

Some bamboo facts:

  • Save 3500 liter of water per Nooboo T-shirt, this equals 100 showers!
  • Bamboo only needs sunlight and rainwater to grow, without the use of any pesticides or fertilisers.
  • Bamboo grows up to one meter per day!
  • Bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

Pre-order the new collection for men with 40% discount via Kickstarter.


Written by Pete Gabriel

Journalist and tech lover.