Popular game Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch

Better yet: It’s coming today

Fornite on Nintendo Switch

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite by now, you either have no kids or you’ve been living under a rock. The popular game has grown a user base of 125 million people in just a year, according to developer Epic Games. And it’s now coming to the Nintendo Switch too.

At Nintendo Direct, part of the E3 convention, Epic Games officially announced Fortnite is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Not a big surprise, as rumors have been around for a while.

There’s one surprise though; the game is launching in the eShop (the online shop for Nintendo Games) TODAY at 10am PDT.

So, don’t worry Switch users. You don’t have to wait that long, as the game is now available in the eShop.


Written by Pete Gabriel

Journalist and tech lover.