Nasdaq Plans To Launch Bitcoin Futures Early 2019

Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures

It has not been a good week – or month – for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With its price plummeting below $4k, many late-investors were left behind with a hangover.

But, there’s a slight bit of hope: Despite its plummeting, Nasdaq is still going ahead with preparations to launch Bitcoin futures as early as Q1 2019, according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s sources claim Nasdaq is currently making sure Bitcoin is allowed from a regulatory point of view by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. If that happens, Nasdaq will offer the trading option as soon as possible.

It may sound like nothing new, as Goldman Sachs previously launched future contracts for Bitcoin. This wasn’t the biggest success. But, there’s a big difference between the Goldman Sachs futures, and the Nasdaq futures. Mainly, the Nasdaq future’s are actually tradeable on the exchange. This will open up the Bitcoin futures to a huge market of new investors.

With this new market of investors opening up, it’s yet to see where it will take Bitcoin.


Written by Pete Gabriel

Journalist and tech lover.