How Chanel Is Winning The Online Fashion Game

Chanel Bleu by Jeroen den Otter

Chanel released their earning numbers this week for 2017, showing it’s one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to selling high end fashion. With an increase of 11% in revenue, they are killing it right now. And one the reasons is their digital strategy.

No surprise, the luxury fashion house invested heavily in digital marketing after 2016 to keep up to speed with other brands. Chanel does it well: according to Gartner’s Digital IQ index the brand has boasted more display and video ad impressions in the past year than any other brand. As any fashion brand, Chanel relies heavily on social too. They are doing well on Instagram, with some of the highest engagements rates of luxury fashion brands out there. Ofcourse Chanel wouldn’t be Chanel if they wouldn’t try more experimental ways of online branding, and even selling.

Inside Chanel

One of those more experimental ways is the “Inside Chanel”-story. Beautifully made content, which include a video series about the history of Chanel.

Inside Chanel videos on

In addition to the video, there’s background information on every film. Like the many faces of advertising Chanel no.5 had in the past.

Inside Chanel

These beautifully made pieces give users an opportunity to see what Chanel is about. Seeing how fashion changes throughout the years, and the role that Chanel has in it. Especially in a world where everything is as fast as it is, an inside look as created with “Inside Chanel” really creates context about the brand and its meaning in history. Everybody knows Chanel, although it may mostly be for being expensive. This changes that. From a design and content perspective a great content marketing piece. And no, not every brand has a budget like Chanel, but every brand has an opportunity to show what they are about and what they stand for.

Everybody knows Chanel, although it may mostly be for being expensive. This changes that. Click To Tweet

Augmented reality

Chanel is innovating their e-commerce as well, by using augmented reality. A super cool feature, although I’m not sure how useful it is in terms of online conversion. As attribution, I can imagine it has positive effects on offline sales.

It works quite simple; you pick a cool frame, and use the “try on” function. This will activate your webcam and put the glasses on your face as if you were trying them. As you can see, I look great in these $1150 shield sunglasses.

From store

Jokes aside, it’s fun to see a fairly oldschool luxury house like Chanel innovating their digital channels (pun intended) and actually profiting from these innovations. These are just examples, don’t forget Chanel also has more impressions on videos and ads than any other brand. A good mix of original content and sales content is needed. In an industry as creative as fashion, I think it’s a must. But it has to fit with the brand, and Chanel nailed it.

I’m going to get me some shield sunglasses now.


Written by Djordi Johan

Marketing enthusiast, crypto hodler, co-founder NicheHunt.