Don’t Call It A Comeback: Frozen Food is Popular Again

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While the demand for frozen foods may have dropped in the last years, it seems as if they’re making an unlikely comeback. For the first time in five years, demand for frozen food is growing. And it’s not only because of millenials.

The demand for frozen food slumped for years for a while but now, things seem to be changing. Companies such as Eggo waffles, frozen dinners, Stouffer’s entrees and others are now trending. But what’s even more interesting is that millennials are embracing frozen meals and vegetables. It’s popular because they are less expensive and easier to use – and lets not forget: can be quite healthy. And promoted as such, for example in Men’s Health, Buzzfeed and other platforms that reach a younger audience.

The growing volume of frozen foods for 2018 shows that for the first time in five years, Americans are now resorting to frozen good more than before. Further, Nielsen estimated that the yearly sales of frozen food items in the US would be $53 billion.

One of the main reasons for the rise in frozen foods is that a lot of Americans are single, and don’t feel the need to cook for themselves. Frozen foods comes in handy as a single person, since you have the option of controlling your portions effectively and there’s less room for wastage.

An analyst at Euromonitor revealed that with time, frozen foods were as good as dead. According to Dewey Warner of Euromonitor, the average millennial does not have time to make full meals. They’re either too busy, don’t have the money to buy fresh or a combination of both. Therefore, the demand for frozen products has increased, as reported by Bloomberg.

It also seems like frozen food manufacturers are also making an extra effort now as they are changing and rebranding their products. As consumers are extra health conscious, manufacturers, in turn, are also making the effort to satisfy their needs.

Brands such as Birds Eye are focusing on frozen vegetable products and jumping on the health conscious bandwagon at the same time, positioning their food as a healthy frozen solution. Although we can’t say if that’s the truith. And they’re not the only one. Companies such as Lean Cuisine and Amy’s Kitchen are being smart about the ingredients of their foods because the consumer is more health conscious now. Other frozen food brands are also moving in this direction.

Nonetheless, it seems like frozen foods are making a comeback and frozen food companies are trying to make an effort to not let this opportunity skip.

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Written by Emily Hayward

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