Amazon India Launches Website in Hindi – And That’s a Smart Move

Photo via Amazon India

Amazon is making moves. Earlier this week, Amazon was valued at more than one trillion dollars – that’s 13-digits- now, it’s also making ways to take over a new market. With potentially 100 million customers.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Amazon India has taken a step ahead off its competition by unveiling its website in Hindi. This gives an automatic edge to the online retailer as currently, none of the other e-commerce portals in India, be it Paytm Mall, Snapdeal or Flipkart, have their websites or apps in Hindi.

The aim behind Amazon India’s move is to capture the interest of the masses. It wants to win over the next 100 million customers as the e-commerce battle is gaining intensity. As of now, in India, it faces high competition from Walmart’s Flipkart.

The interesting part is that with this new move, Amazon India would be catering to the needs of tens of millions of new customers. Customers located in small towns and villages of India, who previously could not access the website because of the language barrier, will now be able to do so.

Right now, Amazon India has an Android OS app and a mobile website. However, a website for iOS devices is also in the works.

Vice President at Amazon India, Manish Tiwary, while speaking about the company’s latest move, said that they received numerous queries regarding why the website did not have a localized version. “We had so many people saying they cannot shop in Hindi”, said Tiwary. Hence, Amazon went forth with their decision to create a localized version of the website. Tiwary also said the Hindi version of the website is the next big step to address the next 100 million customers.

In India, the festive season is around the corner and that means HUGE sales for companies such as Amazon. The new Amazon Hindi app would, therefore, benefit greatly because of it. PwC and Nasscom report that the peak sales season in India’s retail sector is about to come and India’s market is estimated to grow to a whopping $150 billion by the year 2022.

The interesting thing and where Amazon India gets an exclusive edge is that none of its competitors, be it Snapdeal, Flipkart or Paytm Mall, have a local or Hindi version of their websites or apps. Snapdeal did try to venture into it by launching its mobile website in both Telugu and Hindi back in 2015. However, people were not interested in it and it was withdrawn within 6 months.

It is also being reported by The New York Times that Amazon would further expand this move and launch in other languages such as Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Bengali as well. Amazon’s great big move is in line with what other tech giants such as Google have already done; launching apps and services in local languages. It’s an integral part of any business and also a necessity and one that businesses cannot survive without if they want to capture a larger share of the market.

Kishore Thota, the Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at Amazon India, while commenting on the move, said that their internal ‘Reach’ team is currently in works of “tapping the next million users for Amazon.” The Hindi translation is being perceived as a big test for the Reach team, making it a baseline for future localization.

Want to try the Amazon app in Hindi? Head to the top left side of the app and tap the top left menu and then select their desired language. After selecting the language, all of their details will appear in Hindi and they can get started on shopping right away.


Written by Pete Gabriel

Journalist and tech lover.