7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade TO iOS 12 Today

Group FaceTime

It’s a happy day! It’s iOS 12 day! And since we’re really happy about it, we’re doing a roundup on the best iOS 12 features that will be available for you today. It’s one of the biggest changes in software since a long time, and has some great new features. These are our favorites:

1. Group Facetime

Group FaceTime

Say goodbye to peaceful, face-to-face Facetiming: Group Facetime is here. Not only will you be able to have a group Facetime call with up to 32(!) people at the same time, it now has fun stuff like stickers and Memoji’s during the call.

Can’t wait.

2. Memoji

If you’re not familiar with Animojis, you should read this first. iOS 12 will bring Animojis with winks and sticking out tongues. BUT, there’s more. Memojis are Emojis (mojis? animojis?) that look like you. You’ll be able to create your own character that resembles you and send it within iMessage.

Besides that, Apple also snooped a little bit of Snapchat-action by adding effects to the iMessage camera. Say hello to texts, stickers and other stuff flying around in your recordings.

3. Battery management

A more serious feature but also quite important, and always topic of debate: The iPhone battery. Even though Apple introduced battery management in a previous release of iOS, the new version will include much more useful data and insights to why your battery is draining so. damn. fast. It comes with graphs and insights in specific apps.

You can find the feature by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health

4. Better portrait mode

Portrait mode is one of the coolest things on the new iPhones, and it gets an update in iOS 12. It now generates a mask to separate faces from their environment, making it work even better than it already does. A must have for iPhone photographers!

5. Better performance

Good news for all iPhone owners, especially those with not-so-new models. iOS 12 is focused on performance. Making your phone run twice as fast as it does now. This means smoother interfaces, better performance both for speed and battery and less frustration when you have 3 apps opened up.

6. Measuring stuff

measure app
Measure App

As I’m currently in the process of finding a new place, this app will come in handy. The Measure App uses augmented reality to get direct measurements of any surrounding object. By tapping and dragging, you can extend the measurements and see if that new couch really will fit in your new apartment.

The measure app can also measure objects based on a photo that’s already taken, so don’t worry about your previous apartment-photoshoots.

7. Screen Time

Screen Time

We’re seeing this more and more: software giving users insights in how much time they’re spending on a certain app. It’s a bit of a trend. It started with Facebook and Instagram (who are probably worried about people spending 18 hours a day on Instagram), and is now coming to iOS 12 too.

Screen Time in iOS 12 gives you insight and control over the time you spend on your Apple device. Why? Because you want to know. Not only can you see overall time spent, you can also check specific apps or how often you pick up your phone.

Besides giving insights in usage, you can use App Limits. This will set limits to how much time you want to spend on an app, and you’ll receive a notification when your limit is reached. Be prepared to be shocked by your own phone usage.

Another cool feature within Screen Time is that parents will have the ability to give their kids ‘screen allowance’. With a Downtime feature, you can control whether you want to limit your kids’ usage by app or altogether.  

All images in this post come from the Apple WWDC event.

iOS 12 will be available today, when it’s there you’ll get a notification to update your software.


Written by Pete Gabriel

Journalist and tech lover.